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Sidney, Maine  04330
Tel: 207-680-0077

Trusted by Lenders for our experience & intregrity since 1997

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Maine-ly Inspections has been working with financial institutions of all sizes since its 1997 inception. We are familiar with bankruptcy & privacy laws and lending practices. We assist financial institutions with their delinquent and foreclosure accounts; both residential & commercial. We also perform Insurance Escrow Account Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Real Estate Evaluations for Home Equity Applications and Adverse Condition Inspections for the lender who is doing a financial restructure on an existing mortgage.  We provide a wide variety of inspection, security, property maintenance & preservation work and can ready the property for public auction or sale.

Family Owned & Operated.  We believe in thorough inspections by walking in, on & around the property, looking for vandalism & damage.  No "drive-by" inspections here.

A company small enough where you can still talk with the owners.

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