Services Offered


Below is a list of services typically offered.  However, we customize to the needs of our clients.

  • Inspections

   Security/Occupancy Check

   Re-securing a Vacant Property

   Adverse Condition Report

   Real Estate Evaluation Report

   Insurance Claim Inspection

   New Construction Inspections


  • Re-securing Vacant/Abandoned Homes

  • Working with Law Enforcement to enforce Writs

  • Removal of Debris

  • Boarding Windows, Doors & Other Openings

  • Demolition & Removal of Homes

  • Professional Services

             (electrical, carpentry & City Services as requested)

  • Automotive Floor Plan Audits

  • Oversite of Special Projects such as re-construction & Mold Remediation


 Infrared Photography

  • used to assist in determining if a home is vacant by the absence of heat


NEW:  DOOR KNOCK INSPECTIONS - hand delivering confidential letters to debtor's from lenders

(utilizing our new debt collector's license from Maine's Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection)






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what we can do for you.